Top managers in leading organizations perfectly understand the need to become agile in order to innovate quickly without spending too much money.

The truth is that nobody can predict the future, top managers understand that the resilience of their companies depends entirely on their own capacity to search for innovation and growth while quickly adapting to their market. In a changing competitive environment, major businesses have no choice but to build, learn, and iterate as fast as possible.


Everyone is looking for the magic formula to stay competitive in a changing playing field. However, there is no recipe for innovation, no perfect model giving you a 100% chance to think and act like an agile startup.

Some people might tell you the answer is intrapreneurship, others might tell you to create an open innovation strategy, others might even recommend you to develop a corporate venture model; Nowadays, many companies have their own  “R&D lab”; sadly, the main objectives of these labs are oftentimes blurry.

Faced with legitimate concerns, BrainsWatt brings a clear solution : Innovation Architecture.


Your company is unique, with its own story, strengths, weaknesses and culture. Like building a house, you need to carefully observe and analyze the environment around you in order to build a high-performing and sustainable innovation system aligned with your overall goals.

This is why, before putting in place an innovation process or model inside your organization, it is vital for us to guide you through every step.

As innovation Architects, our mission will be focused on :

1 - Understanding your overall strategy

2 - Studying and understanding if your organization is culturally and structurally conducive to nurturing innovation

3 - Identifying innovation models  (DARPA, Google, Amazon, Y-combinator, Corporate Venturing, Intrapreneurship, Lab, Spin-Off Factory) that will be aligned with your innovation strategy

4 - Taking the lead on the deployment of your innovation strategy while working closely with key stakeholders: C- level, Research & Development, Human resources, Legal, Marketing, Sales.

Once these key steps are done, our mission is over and your organization has an autonomous and performing innovation structure tailormade for your growth needs. The remaining element will be to focus on a corporate culture conducive to innovation. With structure and culture, you will have the perfect pillars for innovation.