Any transformation within an organization relies entirely on the men and women composing it. One cannot invent new businesses, work on new technologies without a strong innovative culture, shared by all, from top to bottom.  Indeed, fighting the fear of failure, allowing people to take calculated risks and increasing collective thinking are some of the essential levers of cultural change.

Brains Conferences

In order to begin the innovation process inside your organization, it is imperative that your team fully understands the purpose of all future changes. We deliver highly impactful conferences on innovation, collective thinking and customer experience 3.0. These conferences inspire your people and speak to their heart, to make them love your vision for the future. Because once they love it, they will be able to work with you to shape your company's future.


Brains Workshops

Now that your people are inspired and they love your project vision, it is essential to empower them to be actors of change. To help you create a community around your project, we allow you to work as a team with methods adapted to your business challenges. Each workshop has the same goal : help you quickly find solutions with wit, agility in a fun environment conducive to efficient collaboration.

Learning Expeditions

It is important to see how innovation works. To better understand the secret sauce behind innovation, we organize Learning Expeditions. These Learning Expeditions are organized in Israel,  also called the Startup Nation. The Silicon Wadi is the best place to discover how creativity comes from limited ressources.