Good news, we are looking for bright, talented, multi-skilled people ! Here are our positions:

> INNOVATION ARCHITECT (permanent contract)

BrainsWatt is currently looking for an innovation architect to join the team.

Profile: You are curious, sharp, a quick learner;  You are tech-savvy and you have a good grasp on the challenges brought by the digital transformation for our customers (large businesses and middle market companies) ; Excellent writing and oral skills, you have the ability to work under tight deadlines and are comfortable to go outside your comfort zone (otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about innovation). 

Inventive, autonomous and rigorous, you like to take up the Missions:Impossible, which constitute the essence of our days. Jugaad innovation doesn't scare you, neither does inventing and piloting new offers from scratch. 

Very commercial at heart - in the noble sense of the word, you are not afraid to have nerve and you are comfortable with the idea that a company with interesting solutions can and should sell them to customers. Prospecting, negotiating and invoicing doesn't frighten you, on the contrary you like the adrenaline it can cause.

Spelling errors cause severe allergies and you prefer to read your quotations three times before sending them. 

Graduated (or not) from a business or engineering school, you have significant professional experience, preferably in small structures (consulting agencies, start-ups). If you've already started a business, even if it didn't work the way you wanted it do, we'll like it. 

Charismatic to take our customers on board, humble in the face of a world that changes very quickly, able to make them laugh and laugh even in times of great stress, you have in short a real entrepreneurial spirit but don't have the immediate plan to create your start-up (but we know that you will one day have it, it's trendy). 

For us, an Innovation Architect is someone capable of imagining and implementing, being very creative and reliable on these two components. 

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