The best way to learn innovation is to create it. As an innovation studio, we truly believe in having our hands dirty, in walking the talk and not just talking about innovation. Innovation is all about action, because no matter how long you prepared, you'll never get fully ready.

We developed the habit to transform an idea into a reality and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. And we use what we learn from this business experiments to better serve our clients and partners.

Discover some of our business experiments :



The first crowdbuying platform.

We partnered with two entrepreneurs to design and launch StayHome, the first "crowdbuying" platform. StayHome connects private investors and home owners facing financial difficulties to help them keep their homes and get financially recovered in 2-4 years.

€15M have been invested by the crowd through the platform, which has become one the largest French crowdfunding platform. StayHome has been featured many times on the French television and newspapers.





A brand new media to rise road safety awareness.

A car trip is an ideal timing to tell drivers about road safety issues. While driving, people are focused, receptive, mentally available and there is no other advertising that could distract them.

Hence our idea: why not turn trucks into giant billboards to run road safety advertising ? Partnering with institutions and insurance companies, we kickstarted Transporteurs d'Image, a new media exclusively used for road safety advertising.

Since our first national campaign, our road safety messages have generated more than 150M views.





Each year, 26 billion trees are being cut by mankind.
Each year, thousands of talks are given by inspiring speakers.

Speaker4Earth federates a worldwide community of speakers committed to reforestation by planting trees at each conference and awaking people to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal ? Create an international community of speakers that will plant billions of trees every year !