Nicolas, that who wants to change the world

By Charlotte Faubert - 24/11/2017

It's not just Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Xaviel Niel who have atypical and inspiring paths. Because professional success is multifaceted and there is a thousand ways to find your place, we are launching the mini-series "Non Famous Inspiring People". 7 episodes, 7 people who inspire us and break the prejudices. What do they have in common? They found their own definition of a successful career. We asked them to testify. And you, who inspires you? 

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Lille: Over indebted, she makes the choice of StayHome's real estate portage

By Julia Kiavué - 24/07/2017

Martine Petit, 68 years old, has been trying for several years to get by financially. Owner of an apartment in Lille (North of France), she has been using StayHome's real estate portage solution since March 2017. 

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When innovation is deliciously regressive

By Tiphaine Illouz - 10/01/2017

"Innovation is not innovative". That's how Nicolas Beretti, a lively consultant at the head of BrainsWatt's firm, most often begins in his conferences with the false gait of one man show. "Innovation has become a catchword that no longer make sense when it is inscribed in man's DNA since it exists" : climbing Everest, walking on the moon or making fire, Human has always sought to push his limits. This is innovation!

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StayHome, the start-up that avoids foreclosure for indebted homeowners

By - 29/12/2016

Every year, 15.000 properties are seized in France. Their owners have fallen into over-indebtedness as a result of illness, divorce or job loss. The StayHome start-up allows investors looking for an ethical investment to help them. 

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StayHome, the start-up that comes to the rescue of over-indebted homeowners

By Tessa Clara Walther - 28/12/2016

The start-up, which avoids the foreclosure of real estate to individuals who have fallen into the trap of over-indebtedness, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month. 

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Housing: How the StayHome start-up saves owners from over-indebtedness

By - 28/12/2016

Every year, 15.000 properties are seized in France. The cause is homeowners who became over-indebted after illness, divorce or job loss. The StayHome start-up allows investors looking for an ethical investment to help them. 

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StayHome: an ethical FinTech for debt relief

By Raphaël Bloch - 28/12/2016

Become a tenant to get back on the water financially? This is StayHome's solution for over-indebted homeowners to keep their rooftops. According to the Banque de France, there is a market for this real estate portage system, whereas nearly 500.000 property owners were considered to be over-indebted in 2016, according to data from the Banque de France. And that more than 15.000 struggling homeowners have been evicted from their homes this year. 

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Open Innovation and Customer Relationship: BlueLink relies on the collective thinking and creativity of its employees with the Open Sprint 2016

Press release - 13/10/2016

The world is changing quickly: new uses and lifestyles, new economic models... Real opportunities can arise from this. At a time when companies are constantly challenged on their ability to innovate, stimulating creativity in a collective context can generate new, different and inspiring ideas. Based on this observation, BlueLink, one of principal player in customer relations, in partnership with BrainsWatt, a Parisian innovation studio, presents the first edition of its Open Innovation "Open Sprint" programme. 

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"Practice your passion allows you to approach life with more serenity" - Nicolas Beretti

By Valentine Crosse - 28/09/2016

Passion? It resides within each of us, we just have to look in the right place. It is the opinion of Nicolas Beretti, businessman, speaker and author, who invites those who wish to ask themselves about the meaning of life, and to answer the question that everyone asks themselves: "Why?". 

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StayHome develops real estate portage in France

By the editorial staff - 28/12/2016

The StayHome start-up is developing in the property portage market, a new offer for over-indebted owners and their investors. 

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Code of conduct

By L' - 30/06/2016

Every human activity carries risks. That's no reason to give in to fate. In road traffic, the rules of prevention are not limited to driving behaviour. 

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How to generate emotions through digital experiences?

By Maud Vincent - 28/06/2016

From storytelling to video and immersive technologies, digital is an extraordinary emotional playground. Back to "Les sens du Digital", the conference program prepared by "Net-Managers", an annual event organized by Eventiz. 

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When Oracle goes into start-up mode

By Florence Berthier - 22/06/2016

With Digital Mission, the IT specialist gives its employees and its ecosystem an experience of digital revolution in order to better decode and embody it on the market. An interior management initiative that wants to show that a "big" group can be as nimble and dynamic as a start-up. All it takes is human and operational resources. It's about development and survival. 

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Net Managers 2016: BrainsWatt rethinks the place of Emotion

By Julia Luczak-Rougeaux - 10/06/2016

Nicolas Beretti, Partner Director at BrainsWatt, spoke about the need to rethink the place of emotion in customer relations during the Net Managers event held from May 31 to June 4 in Dubai. This intervention fits in very well with this year's theme: "The Senses of Digital". 

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Meeting addiction: Calculate the cost with the Réuniomètre

By Quentin Velluet - 16/03/2016

By calculating the cost of a meeting, the Réuniomètre, available on PC and mobile, makes you realize that this work habit can cost more that it yields.  

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Occurrence illustrates BrainsWatt's know-how with the creation of the Réuniomètre which evaluates the cost of meetings


BrainsWatt, subsidiary of Occurrence, has developed a free online tool to calculate the real cost of business meetings. 

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StayHome raises €750.000 for its real estate portage platform

By Olivier Harmant - 04/02/2016

Adapting the functioning of participative financing sites to the real estate portage: this is the concept of the Montpellier start-up StayHome. "StayHome is a participatory investment platform that allows individuals to invest in real estate. The main objective is to help homeowners in financial difficulties" says Christian Lachaux, one of the co-founders. 

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StayHome raises €750.000 and wants to boost real estate portage

By Anthony Rey - 04/02/2016

Promoter of the real estate portage concept (helping a struggling landlord and selling his property temporarily to investors while occupying it), the Montpellerier-based (South of France) FinTech announced, on February 4, its first capital raising. It wants to accelerate its growth, even though it already handles 300 requests per month. 

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How do I read a book in 20 minutes?

By Clara Carlesimo - 03/01/2016

More than two hours to cover the Alchemist, 7:30am for the Da Vinci Code and almost a week to overcome War and Peace. Reading takes time. "The average adult reads between 250 and 300 words per minute" explains Nicolas Beretti, author of two books on professional efficiency. 

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Lego®'s place in Inbound Marketing: humility and creativity!

By Patrice Laubignat - 23/06/2015

One evening last week, I met Nicolas, founder of BrainsWatt and when I saw him "coaching" a session of Lego® Serious Play© (an improvised interactive workshop), I realized how much I missed Lego!

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Solidarity finance to help over-indebted homeowners

By Côme Bastin - 13/12/14

Selling your home to supportive buyers to become a tenant and buy it back once your financial situation is restored. This is the solution StayHome offers to over-indebted homeowners. Objective: to prevent their roofs from being seized and sold off at auction.  

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Occurrence creates BrainsWatt

By Alain Delcayre - 01/12/14

BrainsWatt is a studio specialising in innovation and efficiency of organisations (workshops and interactive conferences) and is aimed at general management, innovation, HR, CSR, CIOs, for ETIs, SMEs and entrepreneurs.  

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"StayHome will be the first to offer crowdbuying in France"

By Olivier Decarre - 28/11/14

Interview with Christian Lachaux, co-founder of StayHome, the start-up that helps over-indebted homeowners by avoiding foreclosure. 

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StayHome: the solidarity real estate portage to get out of over-indebtedness

By Audrey Etner - 25/04/14

To avoids the thousands of foreclosures taking place each year in France, StayHome proposes to sell its property to a "joint owner", while remaining a tenant. StayHome has already helped 57 families overcome the spiral of over-indebtedness. Meeting with Nicolas Beretti, business designer of the project. 

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Have we all become brands?


What happens when you switch labels on a Coca-Cola bottle and a Pepsi bottle? Nothing. Most consumers will see nothing. The difference in taste they claim to perceive exists only in their heads. That's because a brand is a construction of the mind.  

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The bottom of start-ups... Transporteurs d'Image

By - 10/10/2013

We already knew that the truck drivers were nice, but now they become (even more) useful. Nicolas had a bright idea: Install advertisements to make drivers aware of road safety on trucks. 

And everybody says : "CAMION!" 

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Roadmarketing, a new channel for advertisers?

By Anne Bariet - 29/05/2013

Despite a very strict environmental code regarding advertising on motorways, the AdVertuous agency has opted for a niche: the mobile media, advertised on the back of vehicles, in order to prevent road hazards. 

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Master students: my tips for finding a thesis topic that is sure to please you

By Nicolas Beretti - 21/03/2013

While Geneviève Fioraso proposed a new bill for universities at the National Assembly on Wednesday 20 March, thousands of Master's students were tearing hair out about their memory. If writing it is not easy, find a good topic either. Fortunately, Nicolas Beretti, author of "Le Mémoire de Master, vite fait bien fait" gives us some tips. 

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Think outside the box

By Antoine Compagnon - 01/04/2012

Like a dentist whose strawberry slips on a live nerve and excites the patient's cabrioles in his armchair, I had no idea that I was touching such a sensitive point by evoking "The awarding by PowerPoint". Since the Huffington Post came out in French and I gave a post, I hadn't been reading the comments, but this time my ears tinted. Several good souls warned me that Internet users were getting excited, that some even wondered how such a fool could teach at the College de France, while others were so vehemently approving. So I went to see; I was edified. 

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Why does PowerPoint impoverish the work of marketers?

By Nicolas Beretti - 24/02/2012

You do it almost every day. Unconsciously. Ignoring the danger, you start again. Again and again, like a reflex, you let yourself get caught up in it. Admit it: you print PowerPoint. Of the 700 presentations that are made around the world every second, many are printed. At the expense of thought, critical thinking and intelligence.  

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Stop au Powerpoint: the speaker must work better on his presentation

By - 07/02/2012

Nicolas Beretti, businessman and speaker at CELSA, advises, in his book "Stop au PowerPoint!" (Dunod, January 2012), those who are preparing their oral presentations should stop relying on slides PowerPoint and finally take the floor. 

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