The best way to learn how to innovate is to practice innovation on a daily basis. Beyond products and services we created such as Transporteurs d’Image or StayHome, we want to help you build, test and implement simple ideas for yourself and your partners.

This is the reason why we provide you with very simple innovations - which can help you simplify life for yourself and people surrounding you (colleagues, customers, partners and citizens).

Our mission? Help you save up time, be more agile, and productive.

Discover some of our tools here:




Useless, boring meetings are (veeery) expansive.

We spend way too much time in meetings.

Monday morning meetings, follow-up meetings, customer meetings...There is always a good reason to set up another meeting.

But these meetings are incredibly expansive for your company !

So, we created the "Réuniomètre" (Meeting-o-meter in english) to help you measure and control the real cost of your next meeting - and to remind people to stay focused and effective.

So, will you dare using our tool this afternoon ?




Is your desktop tidy ? On our side, it is not that tidy.

That is why we thought : we're not the only ones, many others might be in the same situation.

We thus decided to write an article giving advice on how to be more efficient and created Zėn-it, the organizing computer wallpaper to avoid being lost in your own files all the time.

At BrainsWatt, we all use it everyday 🙂

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