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Reduce the carbon impact via the CSR Strategy 

On the occasion of its annual back-to-school seminar, and facing increasing demand from its customers and prospects, Aveltys asked us to support it in the construction of its CSR approach, through an educational conference, an ad hoc study and the final drafting of a CSR Report for the company's customers and prospects.

Aveltys, a joint venture of Bouygues Immobilier Schneider Electric, reduces the energy expenditure of an office building in order to reduce the CO2 impact.


A redefinition of the company's convictions based on the SDGs, which makes it possible to better communicate on its commitment 
Better tracking of Aveltys customer's energy impact
Deployment of CSR convictions externally and internally (CSR Memory)

Starting point

An existing CSR commitment, but which needs to be developed to meet the requirements of the different players
Communication that places little value on the impact and commitment of the customer 
A company that is not sufficiently integrated into its local ecosystem 
Introductory CSR workshops in the form of an exchange and presentation of the benchmark
Synthesis of the workshops then drafting of the CSR Report to be presented externally and internally
Development of a benchmark for the sector concerning CSR approaches

Support in 3 steps

Support for our client began with monitoring and analysis of CSR practices in its sector of activity. We took advantage of the organization of a back-to-school seminar to introduce employees to the challenges and opportunities of CSR for companies. 

For the practical part, we organized workshops to highlight the actions already implemented and proposed additional actions, in line with the expectations of the various stakeholders (employees, local actors, customers). After implementing a three-step action plan, we formalized the messages and beliefs to be conveyed to customers.
Elaboration d'un benchmark du secteur concernant les démarches RSE
Ateliers d'introduction à la RSE sous forme d'échange et présentation du benchmark
Synthèse des ateliers puis rédaction du Mémoire RSE à présenter en externe et en interne

The   benefits for the company

A short, medium and long-term CSR action plan
Integration of the SDGs into the company's strategy by redefining its convictions
Capture d’écran 2022-04-14 à 15.30.32.png
A CSR Memorandum for customers and future customers
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