About BrainsWatt


BrainsWatt is a Business Design Studio created in Paris in 2014.

Our mission : to inspire and help as much people as possible and help build resilient organisations that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Because we want to show that it is possible to run meaningful business, we experiment some in our own Lab.


Our Team

(Bald) Head of BrainsWatt
Senior Innovation Architect
Office and back office Manager
BrainsWatt Lab Manager
Junior Innovation Architect
Senior Consultant

BrainsWatt is a proud member of Business4Earth


Logo Business4earth


We plant 1 tree per employee per month (more infos here).

We acknowledge the fact that it’s far from enough, but we do it because we can, and because we have to do something. Massive deforestation is accelerating the pace at which we are diving into a climate nightmare, and we wanted to do something about it. So we created the non for profit WeFight4Earth, designed to facilitate the engagement of Small and Medium Businesses into the global reforestation effort, thanks to the labels Business4Earth and Speaker4Earth.


Our Values (aka, the BrainsCode)


Being consistent and coherent with a higher Purpose is not exactly an easy task. It requires discipline, engagement and examplary behaviours. Because we truly believe we’re fighting a right battle, we came up with 10 rules to help us better achieve our Purpose. In every action we take, in every decision we make, we alway put these values first :


Always start with why
Cause no unnecessary harm
Walk the fucking talk
Be as reliable as a physic law
Do your best, and then the extra mile
Care for your team
Never tolerate mediocrity
Tell the truth, even if it sucks
Authenticity eats bullshit
Be humble


Oh, and you’re great and we love you



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