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#SpoilerAlert : it’s not an easy adventure, but it’s definitively worth it.


We inspire people and help build resilient organisations that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems*


*So we can leave our kids a world we will be proud of.


Our approach:

Regenerative Business Design

We help companies to switch from Profit-Design to Purpose-Design, while making them more Resilient. Our approach aims to define, and then align the entire company with its unique « 6Ps » : Purpose, Planet, People, Products, Process, and Profit (which is the end-result, not the other way around).

We apply this approach to design the Resilience of the organisation, which occurs when the company is operating as a rocket, with 3 different stages, playing 3 different roles, and inside which the 6Ps are also aligned.

New Business
Core Business

Purpose Design

Your company’s North Star In order to have a real positive impact, and to recreate employee and customer engagement, your company needs to pick a fight and to really fight it. This is the Purpose. It’s not CSR, it’s not greenwashing, it’s using business as a way to solve a problem, by engaging People, Products and Processes to solve it. Profits will be the end-result. Our job is to inspire and help leaders to (re)discover their Purpose, and to translate it into actions with their management, their projects, products, services, decisions… We’re doing so by diving into the company’s culture, history and business and by running high-level workshops designed to excavate the Purpose (the WHY) of the organisation and identifying opportunities to make it real.

Core Business Design

Your company’s stage #1 As for a rocket, the first stage is the most powerful engine of your organisation. It powers the entire company and allows it to move. It’ not designed to be the fastest, but the strongest. Having a solid Core Business allows Resilience, because it gives enough thrust to keep flying for a long time. Our job at this level of your organisation is to align the Core Business operations with your company’s Purpose, by helping People to know their own Purpose, to align and improve their Products and Process, in order to generate Profits (=thrust). To do so, we act as an innovation agency, providing our customers with many different tools that be used to create incremental innovation (Design Sprints, Scrum, Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFe…).

New Business Design

Your company stage #2 The second stage of a Resilient organisation is the New Business : its ability to rapidly imagine, prototype and launch new products and services that will fuel tomorrow’s growth, guided by the Purpose. As in a rocket, the purpose of the second stage isn’t to take off, it’s to accelerate. Therefore, the New Business is not the most powerful engine within the company, but it has to be the fastest (60% of the growth). Things here need to be invented, tested and launched-or killed- fast. Our job here consist in helping People in New Business to rapidly invent and test innovative solutions to better serve their Purpose. We harness the best of our innovation experiences and methodologies (Google Design Sprints, open innovation, hackathon…) to help our customers structure and launch new solutions, designed to rapidly fuel the Core Business.

Future Business Design

Your company Stage #3 The last stage of a Resilient organisation is the Future Business (or Lab, or Exploration). Its purpose is to imagine the business of the day after tomorrow. It requires a very different mindset than managing and improving the day-to day activity, and the KPI’s at stake cannot be only financial or traditional business metrics. The Future Business has to imagine and anticipate how the company will adapt to a more distant future. Our job here consists in creating the right conditions to allow People to imagine products, services or business models that will, in a more distant future, continue to serve the Purpose of the company, and to help them to achieve that goal on a day-to-day basis, because in a Resilient organisation, radical innovation is a neverending quest.



We partnered with more than 100 companies since our launch in 2014.

Many of our clients keep working with us 3 years later, which makes us reeeeaally proud.


They say it best




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