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Hackathon: creating sustainable business models in cosmetics

In the context of the sixth edition of the Cosmetic 360° show launched by Cosmetic Valley, and building on the success of the previous edition, Agorize wished to renew its partnership with BrainsWatt to animate the hackathon targeting students. For this new edition, Brainswatt accompanied the students in the development of their project on the theme of sustainable cosmetics.

The sixth edition of the Cosmetic 360° show had sustainable cosmetics as its theme. 

An improved edition of the hackathon, with : 

A longer pre-selection of projects…

A greater multidisciplinarity of the participating teams, with a geographical opening at a European level
Better prepared students, with a robust coaching and upstream work with LVMH companies

Starting point

An inspiring theme, which allows stakeholders to question their vision on the cosmetics sector

An opportunity to make the challenge sustainable over time, and unite the LVMH houses around a common subject
Animation of the sixth edition of the Sustainable Beauty Challenge
Support in the pre-selection and then the selection of projects
Assistance in framing the event (definition of themes, creation of a project submission template)
Assistance in framing the event (definition of themes, creation of a project submission template)
Introductory CSR workshops in the form of an exchange and presentation of the benchmark
Synthesis of the workshops then drafting of the CSR Report to be presented externally and internally

Support in 3 steps

The fifth edition of the Sustainable Beauty Challenge hackathon made it possible to initiate the theme of sustainability in the cosmetics sector. For this sixth edition, which followed the same subject, we wanted to go further than the previous year, and offer support before and during the event.

The co-construction of a template for the development of projects and an interview guide, as well as the establishment of a team coaching session allowed us to support the preparatory phase of the hackathon. On D-Day, we hosted the event and set up a team of facilitators dedicated to support students, who helped them better understand the issues of the Sustainable Beauty Challenge.

Support in the kick-off (definition of the subject, elaboration of the template for the submission of projects)
Accompaniment during the pre-selection of projects
Facilitation of the Sustainable Beauty Challenge’s 6th edition

Benefits of the company

Co-construction of a template to facilitate the reading and selection of projects
Coordination of topics related to LVMH's sustainable issues
Preparation of the logistics of the challenge
Prototyping of projects before submission
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