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Laboratory for the experimentation of products and services with a positive impact

Because innovation and impact are practiced as much as they are thought, we have been funding our own Innovation Lab since 2015, to explore and experiment for ourselves the ideas with positive impact that we would like to see."


Our approach


Find the WHY of the project


Building an ad hoc team


Design & Prototyping


Sale of the product


Excubation of the project

Our projects

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Bees are in danger and their population is experiencing a rapid and worrying decline. It's a little bit (a lot) of our fault.

Many bees leave the countryside, too polluted, and come to take refuge in the city, but over kilometers of concrete, it is not easy for them to find food. So we decided to launch BeeBar to help bees eat and rest. BeeBar is a ready-to-plant kit to transform balconies and windows into rest areas for bees and allow each city dweller to actively contribute to safeguarding biodiversity.


Results: 534% financing on Ulule, more than 1,000 Beebars ordered in 2 months, excellent media coverage.

Transporteurs d'Image

Every road accident is one too many. Prevention has been and always will be necessary. However, a trip by car is the ideal time to talk about road safety to motorists. While driving, these are indeed concentrated, attentive, receptive and available, while no other advertising can distract them.

Hence our very simple (apparently) idea: why not transform “the back of trucks” into giant billboards for road safety messages? In collaboration with institutions and insurance companies, we envisioned and launched Transporteurs d'Image, a new non-media exclusively dedicated to communication campaigns for road safety.

Since our very first national campaign, our prevention messages have generated more than 200 million contacts on the main roads of France.



StayHome is the very first “CrowdBuying” platform.

Co-designed with two French entrepreneurs, StayHome connects private investors and real estate owners in financial difficulty, in order to help them keep their homes and regain financial health in 2 to 4 years. BrainsWatt accompanied its founders on the creation of the identity, the speech and the initial development (BFM Business winner, successful fundraising, media relay, etc.)

More than 100 million euros have been invested via the platform, making it one of the first French crowdfunding platforms. StayHome has enabled many families to avoid foreclosure, and effectively combines social utility and economic profitability.

Do you have a business idea with a positive impact ? Do you want to change the way you operate to create a more virtuous business ? Contact us!

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