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Our commitments


With the planet and the society

BrainsWatt created, financed and incubated the Business4Earth association (integrated into Planète Urgence since 2022),  to engage SMEs in the fight against global warming, which has enabled the planting of more than 60 000 mangrove trees.

We finance the planting of 50 mangrove trees for each new mission, with our partner Planète Urgence.

We fund and incubate our own impactful ideas through our Lab , to test innovations that can provide social and environmental solutions, one at a time.

Twice a year, our team dedicates a full day to imagining how we can do more and better for the planet and society. New projects, offers and partnerships are born here.

We opt for low-carbon transport and systematically take the train rather than the plane.

For our collaborators

We prioritize the health and well-being of the team. We work to live, and not the other way around: BrainsWatt has implemented the 4.5 day week since 2021 to offer a long weekend to everyone.

We apply a flexible home office policy: 2 days a week at the office to see each other in person, have lunch together, chat... and the rest from home, if desired.

The associative commitment of our employees is promoted through flexible timetables.

We encourage and facilitate the training of our team, in particular on environmental or social impact themes of their interest. 


For our customers

We always encourage our clients to question the purpose and impact of their decisions, from the strategic to the operational level (for example, taking 300 employees to a seminar by train rather than by plane, and in France rather than Dubai...).

We will always be honest and direct. The climate emergency needs no additional bullshit.

We understand the constraints and difficulties that the ecological transition poses to our customers, but we will not be satisfied with the status quo. Our work consists of identifying levers and transforming the barriers to make the company evolve.

For our ecosystem

We are members of the Croissance+ Impact group.

We are historical members (dinosaurs actually) of Entrepreneurs d'Avenir.

Nicolas Beretti is a member of the Orientation Committee of Planète Urgence.

Théolène Cerney is the founder of Agoracte , and co-creator of the Eco Challenge workshop.

We occasionally intervene in Grandes Ecoles, universities and associations to raise awareness about the most pressing social and environmental issues, and inspire sustainable initiatives.

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