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Reinforce the fight against vulnerability by bringing together the 2 training and 2 listening devices

After questioning its strategy and brand identity, the Red Cross asked us to help, firstly, with the convergence of its volunteer and professional training programs, and secondly, with the redefinition of its listening device in order to make it the reference telephone system for reception and psycho-social support.

The 7 fundamental principles of the Red Cross are: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.


The definition of a Purpose for each device, which makes it possible to clarify their vision and objectives
The mobilization of employees around this vision
Convergence projects for training and a unification of listening devices that creates consensus

Starting point

An offer that is hard to understand due to the diversity and the plurality of the Red Cross’ targets

A desire for convergence of the training and listening offers around a shared commitment and common objectives

Reflection and implementation of concrete actions in line with the vision of the Red Cross
Definition of Purposes specific to the different sectors
Identification of points of divergence and convergence at the Training and Listening level

Support in 3 steps

Our support for the Red Cross took place in two stages, first by the convergence of two of its training courses (Volunteer and Professional), then by a unification of the listening devices.

For each of the missions that were carried out, we questioned the challenges and objectives of the offers proposed by the French Red Cross, to clarify their presentation of the offers and lead to the definition of a Purpose common to all different sectors. Finally, we provoked a reflection around concrete actions to be implemented, linked to the defined vision.
Definition of the Purpose of each device
Identification of the divergence and convergence elements in both devices
Reflection and implementation of concrete actions to deploy the Red Cross’ vision

Benefits of the company

A clearer definition of the strategic and operational challenges
Clearer and reinforced devices and offers
A Purpose co-built with the collaborators of all services
La visite du médecin


"To prevent and alleviate the suffering of people in all circumstances "

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