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Make of the world a more fraternal place

Faced with the major challenges of transforming a national radio (digital transformation, new uses, formats, business models, etc.), which collective project should be proposed to employees, donors and members? Which organization and which governance to better decide, to better transform? How to make a national, historical and unique radio a lever to appease the world and make it more fraternal ?

RCF is a Christian radio network created in 1986, made up of 64 independent radio stations


Strong convictions anchored in a purpose that brings the church's members together and transcends internal issues: the Fraternity
Support for decision-making in a difficult governance context

Starting point

The Christian world is in turmoil following the report on pedophilia within the church
The world of radio is changing due to the disappearance of FM and an increasingly strong consumption of digital content
The lack of cohesion within the church, consequence of a geographically and legally fragmented structure
Vote and registration of the Purpose in the RCF statutes, then launch of a Purpose Committee
Launch and management of an appropriation and co-construction process in all 64 radio stations
Emergence of Purpose and work on Vision 2030

Support in 2 steps

Our work began with a series of interviews with employees, volunteers and auditors. After setting up a Transformation Committee representative of local realities, we brought out a new, much more inspiring Purpose.

To generate more cohesion within the RCF network, we have initiated and piloted a process of appropriation and co-construction between the 64 independent radio stations.
Formulation of the Purpose and the 2030 Vision
Accompaniment of the Transformation Committee in the definition of its strategy and the appropriation of the process

The benefits for the company

A reason for being co-constructed and carrying a conviction
A 2030 Vision composed of 3 axes of transformation
Accompaniment in the management process to promote the appropriation of the purpose
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An internal communication kit to transmit the Purpose
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