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Crystallize the meaning and deep motivation of the company, and its impact on the world

Accompaniment of a French leader in IT supervision in the definition of its strategic project, on the one hand by the definition of its purpose, and on the other by providing support for the structuring of its business.

La Somone is a small town located south of Dakar, Senegal


"The support provided by BrainsWatt has enabled us to redefine our Purpose and give meaning to our activity. Today, our employees have a better understanding of the company's vision, and are happy to be able to explain in their own words the utility of their daily work."

Cheikh Sadibou DEME, CEO of SOMONE


A much more inspiring purpose, as well as a revision of the business pitch
An opening to new markets and customers, as well as a restructuring of the company
Much more committed employees, who have (re)found meaning in their work
A company defined by its activities rather than its Purpose

Starting point

An idea that the company has not been able to formalize for almost 15 years
A description of the business with no added value, which prevents it from accessing other markets

Start of the support by defining the Purpose

Clarification of the role, structure and governance, which allows the CEO to invest in tasks with high added value: strategy, creation of new products and services

Support in 2 steps

Our work for this client took place via a series of interviews with the Management Committee. To enrich ideas and points of view, we have integrated people from outside the codir into the discussions.

For the practical part, we organized several “emergence workshops” focusing on three pillars: the problem, the contribution and the impact.
Formulation of the company’s purpose
Design and creation of the internal organization to deliver this purpose: an innovation lab and defined internal processes


"Improve the level of serenity in the world by helping everyone to identify and monitor what is really important"
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