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Discover our work, our approach and our impact through some of our missions.

Make health care accessible to all in a context of merger 

Following the merger between Apivia and Macif which gave place to Apivia Macif Mutuelle, a mutualist group with more than a billion euros in turnover, it was necessary to find and define a purpose that would crystallize the commitment of the new entity in the fight against unequal access to care, to involve all managers in the merger project, and to implement it in the strategic roadmaps of the businesses. 

Create sustainable business models in cosmetics

In the context of the sixth edition of the Cosmetic 360° show launched by Cosmetic Valley, and building on the success of the previous edition, Agorize wished to renew its partnership with BrainsWatt to animate the hackathon targeting students. For this new edition, Brainswatt accompanied the students in the development of their project on the theme of sustainable cosmetics.

Reinforce the fight against vulnerability by bringing together the 2 training and 2 listening devices

After questioning its strategy and brand identity, the Red Cross asked us to help, firstly, with the convergence of its volunteer and professional training programs, and secondly, with the redefinition of its listening device in order to make it the reference telephone system for reception and psycho-social support.

Make of the world a more fraternal place

Faced with the major challenges of transforming a national radio (digital transformation, new uses, formats, business models, etc.), which collective project should be proposed to employees, donors and members? Which organization and which governance to better decide, to better transform? How to make a national, historical and unique radio a lever to appease the world and make it more fraternal ?
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Give meaning to the profession of all employees by crystallizing the Purpose

In order to boost an organization in full transformation, the Board of Directors, after a sensibilisation conference conference, asked us to work with them in the definition of their Purpose, as the basis of BIL’s customer and employee experience, which would promote an optimistic vision about the future.
Nos clients
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Crystallize the meaning and deep motivation of the company, and its impact on the world

Accompaniment of a French leader in IT supervision in the definition of its strategic project, on the one hand by the definition of its purpose, and on the other by providing support for the structuring of its business.


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